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A Cloud Based Comprehensive Video Submission Management Solution

VideoQual enables organizations to collect videos online along with associated metadata and auto-check video files to ensure format and quality. If needed, VideoQual transcodes the submitted video to meet the specific requirements. It allows online review of videos without downloading, before deciding to transcode. It facilitates communication with submitters without leaving the system. Video files can be downloaded or conveniently transferred to desired network folder. It saves time and effort. It adds more flexibility and efficiency.

Online Form Submission & Video Upload

Auto-checking, Processing & Transcoding

Online Review & Communication

VideoQual offers all of these capabilities in one simple, flexible, integrated workflow. Uploaded videos are automatically checked by system to ensure that the format, codec, frame rate and frame size meet the requirements. In case of an issue, the system will inform the submitter automatically about the exact cause of the issue and request resubmission. No staff intervention needed! After qualified videos are accepted by the system, administrators receive notification and onscreen update. During the online review of the video, administrators can provide feedback to the submitter from the same User Interface conveniently. Finally, the video file can be downloaded or conveniently transferred to a local network folder, as desired.

Main Features

  • Video submission form with configurable fields
  • Video File Upload with Disruption Management
  • Auto-check and processing
  • Transcoding - auto or manual
  • Online Review / Play without downloading
  • Project / Video Approval Workflow
  • Customizable Notification Management
  • File Transfer to configured network
  • Submitter and Administrator Access Management
  • Reports with Download option
  • Submitter Profile Management
  • Onscreen Alerts and Email Notifications
  • New User Registration
  • Search Videos easily by title, submissions dates, etc.
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Mobile Application – Use it anytime, anywhere

Use it on Mobile Phone as well!


  • Increase operational efficiency – spend less time managing submissions and more time making a difference
  • Improve productivity by automating workflow
  • Boost engagement – encourage members and contributors to submit videos by offering simple, smart digital process
  • Consolidate video metadata with video for easy management
  • Avoid infrastructure costs and maintenance headaches
  • Work on it from anywhere, anytime - computer or mobile device.


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VideoQual is brought to you by ZeetaPro Inc., a SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions provider, helping organizations get better returns from business resources by utilizing smarter online workflows and processes. With more than a decade of experience in offering cloud based software solutions in reservations, registrations, analytics and digital asset management, ZeetaPro enables its customers achieve higher level of performance with minimal resource commitments and no additional infrastructural costs. As such, VideoQual helps organizations achieve smarter video submission management to achieve higher efficiency and better engagement with video submitters.

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